samedi, décembre 15, 2007

Wikipedia in Interlingua - articulos plus longe

XML 3 pp (et altros similares)

Planeta (12 lines). Stella. Venus 7 ll. (non "Sol", solament 3 ll.)

le latino
Roma (8 ll, + 7 montes)
Italia (7 ll)
Francia 4 pp
Norvegia (3ll + nul points)
SUA/USA 2 pp

Biblia (24 ll)
J. Cristo 4 pp
Libro de Mormon - 3 Nephi (trata de la venita de JC in America!).

Primates 5pp Zoologia 2pp Esser human 1p

Philippinas 1 Algeria 1

Einstein 1 Bolivar 3 Faraday 1 Planck 1 Nobel 3

vendredi, novembre 30, 2007

BBC English

According to a newsreader on BBC-tv 24

"He was prosecuted for allowing his hands to chase a fox." (i.e. hounds)

The oh-so-mighty BBC also pronances (sic) "flotation" and "flirtation" the same. As in "a new flirtation on the stock exchange".

Further, "showery" is always pronanced "Sharry", as if some new girl's name.

"Round" & "Rand" are pronanced the same.

& our beloved comrade-leader is referred to as Mr Brann, as if he were a (troll-controlled) Norse football team.

P.S. Bush is Satan.

The new Messiah

Over 2000 supportere marsjerte fra en pub til Anfield, Liverpool, for a markere sin stoette.

De bar ikonbilder av manageren, don Rafael Benitez, som ga opptoget et naermest religioest uttrykk.

Coming soon: the feeding of the 50,000.

jeudi, novembre 08, 2007

Novparl is Tim Robson

In case anyone tries to trace me on the Internet, I am the Tim Robson who has hung round Sutton borough since time immemorial and er used to be in LYMe and er work for BTS & Peter Dominic and has a beard & glasses and used to be obsessed with Monty Python and ride rather scruffy motorbikes and er....

mardi, novembre 06, 2007

Pay-Pal is Pay-Troll

Saturday's Guardian (London) criticises Pay-Pal for its reluctance to pay out. Pay-Pal is plugged by e-bay as supposedly safe. But it doesn't pay out for cancelled tickets.

This is important in Bergen, Norvey, where English acts,tho' booked, rarely appear. For instance, the Stones were due to play there on 6.6.6. But the trolls made them all fall out of trees. Those who'd paid by Pay-Pal got nothing back.

When Amy Winebar was due to appear, the trolls sent a case of beer to her hotel room. She decided to drink it down then go on stage. But the trolls had replaced the good Norse beer with Swedish beer. After she had drunk it all, she was too ill to appear. Again, those who had paid for tickets by Pay-Pal had paid the trolls.

Rafa is finito

Es con grande tristeza que anunciamos el departe de don Rafael Benitez, el "coach" de Liverpool.

He has just announced on BBC Radio 4 that he has the full confidence of the 'Pool board. In English terms, that means he will soon be replaced.

Odd fact: Mr Martin Svendsen, the Sage of Bergen, is banned from all English football grounds because of his attempts to influence the English league by troll magic, in the interests of Liverpool F.C. - These have worked so well that unless 'Pool beat Beshiktas tonite, they're out of the Champs League.

vendredi, novembre 02, 2007

Nelson Mandela est mort

Aux dires de M. Georges "Satan" Bush, M. Mandela est mort. Selon lui, Saddam "a tue tous les Mandela". Etrange , vu que M'sieu est Xhosa et non Iraqi.

Cette citation n'apparait sur Google News que dans un seul endroit. Mais la video est deja sur You-Tube plusieurs fois. & no wonder.

jeudi, octobre 04, 2007

Tolstoi & Esperanto

A little known fact is that Leo Tolstoy was a keen supporter of Esperanto. Unfortunately he appears not to have written in it, except for one lettre.

Tolstoy was also very keen on pacifism and vegetarienism, and believed that anyone who didn't agree with him should be killed. For this reason, he has had a great influence on Norse Deth Metal and Jamaican artists such as Bounty Killer.

mercredi, octobre 03, 2007

Nasty German girls win Weltpokal

Deutsche Maedels 2 : 0 Brasil Senhoritas.

The German Walkyries retain the Cup. But what a nasty team. Crunching tackles. Pointless kicks every time the Brasilian girlies came near them. Fruktaensvaert.

3/4 place. US Babes 4:1 Noreg.

The Norse blondies destroyed their morale by listening to Death Metal before the match. So all they wanted to do was play chess with death.

As for the British they lost 3-0 in the QFs to the US super-babes. Not surprising, given their habit of falling over every time anyone came near them.

jeudi, septembre 27, 2007

A prediction for Burma/Myanmar

I can tell you that the hype will soon quiet down and be forgotten. Nothing will be done. Just like about Somalia, Zimbabwe, eastern Congo.....Indian untouchables. Who barely register on the radar...

I know this because I am a master of fantasmogarias. Which I learnt among the Death Metal Trolls of Finnmark.

vendredi, septembre 14, 2007

Deutsche Frauen 11 Senyores argentinas 0

Ce resultat du Mondial feminin est peut-etre a mettre en relation avec la phrase du plus grand litterateur argentinien Jose Luis Borges:

El futbol es popular porque la estupidez es popular.

Evidemment les femmes argentiniennes ne sont pas stupides.

Mais au Royaume Uni on peut dire que l'estupidez es popular porque l'estupidez es popular.

Demi-finales: Deutschland 3-0 Norwegen Death Metal Babes . Brasileiras 4-0 USA Babes.

lundi, septembre 10, 2007

Naomi Klein, mrs Thatcher & the miners

Naomi Klein, the Canadian anti-capitalist ("No Logo" etc.) has revealed in the Guardian the real purpose of the Falklands War of 1982. It was to provoke British miners into a strike and then close down the mines. After winning the 1983 election thanks to a "Falklands Factor".

Only a few problems:

The Tory vote fell in 1983. The Tories only won thanks to the split in the opposition. (The belief the Tory vote rose substantially is a frequent myth.)

Winning a war doesn't guarantee victory. In 1945, Churchill was given the "order of the boot".

The miners strike was mishandled by the extreme leftist leader Arthur Scargill. He was clearly beaten after 6 months, but only went back after 12. & his extremism alienated many floating voters.

vendredi, août 10, 2007

Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali is so anti-Moslem

Reading her rather obvious book the Caged Virgin, seems her real problem is not with Islam but with Somalis. Her mother, although educated, used to give her real beatings. Given that Somalia is the most violent country in the world (or, countries, since law and order has broken down and there are now several Somalias), and given the casual violence of Somalis in Britain, it seems likely that other Islams are less violent.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is of course the former Dutch MP (VVD) who has gone to the United Satans of Amerika as a refugee, the quiet, sensible Dutch being unable to protect their MPs from other Somalis.

vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

"Green" Party fails again

Another 2 by-elections, another 2 failures for the Green-Grey Party.

"Little India" in West London : 3 %.

Sedgefield, North-east England, Mr Blair's old seat : 1%. The racist BNP got 9%. This despite the "help" of Derek Wall, male principal speaker and "pacifist" admirer of soldiers such as el coronel Chavez and el coronel Castro. Perhaps his confrontational language scared away potential voters?

Fact : in 2001 the Green-Greys saved only 10 deposits (minimum vote is 5%). 6 were in London and 4 in other mega-cities. The Green-Greys are terrified of the countryside.

by-election : election partielle.

vendredi, juillet 13, 2007

Esperanto - a vulgar joke

Looking thru an old, boring pamphlet, "Ekrigardo al Budismo", I came on the phrase "Mi penis sanigi..."
which seemed to say "my penis was cured". However, after some research, I decided penis must come from the verb peni (French "peiner"), meaning "I tried to cure"....

dimanche, juillet 01, 2007

Panic in Britain.

Britain is under attack from a few incompetent lunatics. Naturally, the famous British calm immediately disappears, and the TV is full of people reassuring us. The PM, the new Interior Minister, various "experts" on the TV News.

Luckily, the Spice Girls are to reform. Perhaps they can save us?

The police (known on Merseyside as "the busies") have made an arrest in Penny Lane, Liverpool. + 2 on Motorway 6.

How long before they're released without charge?

jeudi, juin 14, 2007

Prinz Harry. Versoehnung mit seinem Vater James Hewitt

Erste Seite der Neue Post./ la une de l'hebdo populaire Neue Post

Versoehnung = reconciliation.

Im Vereinigten Koenigreich ist es nicht gang und gaebe, dass der Herr Major Hewitt Harrys Vater sei.

Au Royaume Uni ce n'est pas tout a fait l'opinion publique que le Cdt. Hewitt soit le dab du 2e fils de Diana.

Dans un entretien a la tele americaine, lundi, Harry a dit curieusement qu'on saura peut-etre jamais ce qui c'est passe dans le tunnel lors du deces de sa mere. Alors que la version officielle trait l'affaire comme un accident pure et simple.

lundi, juin 11, 2007

Getting away with murder

4/06 - Fabian R., 18, African student, shot dead in Battersea SW2.
2/07 - James S-F., 16, African, shot dead at Streatham Ice Rink, SW16. Had been present at the shooting of Fabian.
6/07 - 3 young Africans acquitted of Fabian's murder. Due to lack of evidence. Only then is it revealed that James had been present in Battersea.

Gun law triumphs.

jeudi, juin 07, 2007

Die Karte der Mande-Jaeger

Bei der Kroenung vom grossen Kaiser von Mali, Sundschata Keita, wurde diese "Magna Carta" ausgerufen, in etwa 1222 oder 1235. Es ist mehr idealistisch als die englishe Magna Carta von 1215, die sich groesstenteils mit Kleinigkeiten befasst.

1. Jedes Leben ist ein Leben.
2. Das Unrecht erfordert Entgeltung.
3. Uebt die gegenseitige Hilfe.
4. Wacht ueber das Vaterland.
5. Ruiniert die Sklaverei und das Hungernot.
6. Dass die Folter vom Krieg verschwinden.
7. Jeder ist frei, zu sprechen, zu machen, und zu sehen.

Wikipedia: fransais (sehr emotionnel), english und espanyol.

Paris Hilton speaks -

What a drag bein in jale. I never wan be their again. From now on I 'll be a good girl.

I juss hope that stoopid ole judje don't send me back their. Oh pleeeeeze.

La Carta de Manden (espanyol)

Es una declaracion mas interessante que la Gran Carta de los ingleses (1215).

Ella a sido proclamada el dia de la intronisacion de Sundiata Keita, el gran emperador de Mali en Africa occidental, en 1222 o 1235. Fue transmetida per via oral.

1. Toda vida es una vida.
2. El danyo exige reparacion.
3. Ayudarse mutualmente.
4. Velar por la patria.
5. Ruinar la servidumbre et la hambre.
6. Que cessan las tormenta de la guerra.
7. Cada quien es libre de hablar, de hacer y de ver.

Wikipedia: solamente en ingles y frances. El articulo frances es muy patriotico (punta de vista Maliena.) Y espanyol (pero no es indicado del ingles o frances).

mercredi, juin 06, 2007

Emerald Greens

After the recent election, the Fianna Fail (Soldiers of fate) party is in negotiation with the Green Party of Ireland (the Emerald Isle).

What do the Greens/n' Glasee want? Fewer cars in Dublin/B.a.C.? More emission control? More immigrants to supposedly make Erin richer? A greener European Union/Aontas Eorpach ?

Naa. They're against co-location hospitals. Not sure what they are, but I doubt they have anything to do with the climate change CRISIS.

mardi, mai 22, 2007

Australia, drought & stupidity

Nice to know Britain's not unique in stupidity about elementary economics.

In the land of Oz, a report has just been issued presenting the current drought as - a business opportunity! Those few areas where there is a good water supply will become sought-after areas for houses! Money money money!

Areas such as Hobart, in Tasmania, and surprisingly Perth on the west coast.

Just one thing - to buy the new house, you usually sell the old house. Since that will be in a dry area, you'll have to sell it cheap, or not at all.

Seems the Ozzie press, like the British, is so dazzled by the idea of PROFIT that they lose all wisdom.

Source: Google News, Oz, various papers.

samedi, mai 12, 2007

Eco footprint/ empreinte eco Top 20. 2003

1 UAE (Emirats)
2. USA
3. Suomi/Finland
4. Canada
5. Koweit
6. Australia
7. Eesti/Estonie
8. Sweden
9. New Zealand
10. Norway / Noreg
11. Danmark
12. France
15. Espanya
16. Suisse/Schweiz/Svizzera/Svizra
17. Ellas / Grece
18. Eire / Irish Rep.
19. Oesterreich / Autriche
20. Czechia

mardi, mai 08, 2007

Crime. Murders in Britain April 29- May 5

Sunday 29

Hayling Island, south. Male, 17. Stabbed.
Bootle, Liverpool. Man, 43. Beaten.
Exeter, west. Boy, 4. Stabbed.

Monday 30. Man (eccentric) 66. Beaten. Wigan, nr Manchester

Tuesday 1 May
Gorton, Manchester 18. Black girl, 12, shot by brother, 16.
Town centre, Nottingham. Man, 40, stabbed. 16 y.u. arrested

Wen. 2d Newcastle. Male, 16, holder of ASBO, stabbed by two youths.

Thurs 3d
Llanelli, Wales. Female, 16. 2 arrests
Lewisham, SE 6. Man, 24, shot.

Friday 4th
East Yorkshire. Female, 26. 2 accused.
Sheffield, S. Yorkshire. Man, 36.
Stafford, Midlands. Man, 24.

Saturday 5/5
Croydon, S. London. 2 children, 5 months & 4 years. African woman, 23, detained under Mental Health Act. Police have yet to explain what happened. Family from Ivory Coast, W. Africa.

Derry/Doire, Ulster. Man, 42, killed by gang.
Islington, N.1. Asian taxi-driver, 41, killed by 2 passengers.

Total currently 16. This is average for a week. There are 800 murders a year.

Male 12. Female 4.
England 14. Wales 1. Ulster 1. Scotland 0.
White 12. Black 3. Asian 1.

Noticeably there were no killings associated with young black gangs, which have alarmed newspaper readers earlier in the year.

mercredi, mai 02, 2007

Crime. Murders in Britain April 22-28

This is an attempt to examine the types of murder there are. How many involve guns; how many are of "gays" - "gays" claim that they are frequently murdered by "homophobes" but produce no statistics. This first week is incomplete. I hope subsequent weeks will be more complete.

White males unless stated

Sunday 22nd

Toxteth, Liverpool 8. Man, 50.
Perth, Scotland. Man, 51.

Monday 23rd. Penrith, NW England. Small town. Man, 22

Tuesday 24th. Lewes jail, South England. Man, 20, there for only 5 days. Cell-mate, 25, accused.

Wed. 25th
East London. Asian woman, 32. African, 37, accused.
Ilford, East London. Baby, 6 months. Father accused.
Stockton, N.W. England. Man, 35. Man, 37, accused.

Thursday 26th
Rhondda valley, Wales/Cymru. Man, 23
Glasgow. Teenager, 16.
Crewe, NW England. Mother, 56. Son accused

Friday 27.
Bury St. Edmunds. East. Small town. Man, 20. Several arrests.
Brixton, London S.W.2. African, 20. Shot. Police seeking 4 youths.
Belvoir, Belfast. Man, 58. Stabbed.

Saturday 28
Woolwich, S.E. 18. Man stabbed.
Irvine, Scotland. Small town. Man, 46.
Beeston, Leeds. Man, 38.

mercredi, avril 18, 2007

Suomalainen. New Lordy song

Ja mina nain, ja katso

hallava hevonen

ja sen selassa istava KUOLEMA

ja TUONELA seurasi hanen mukanaan....

(repete sevral duzn times)

Se, en vit hest. Oc mannen som satt paa den
hans namn var Doeden
oc Doedsriket foeljde
med honom

mercredi, avril 11, 2007

Close encounters of the Third Reich

Adolf H. is back in a UFO. And he's twice as bad.

Starring George W. Bush as Satan.

Music by Swedish deth metal band Nihilgeddon.

jeudi, avril 05, 2007

Ghana's 50th anniversary of F R E E D O M

Aside from hunger, poverty, disease, massacres, and general despair, the Republic of Ghana is the model third world democracy.

Rod Liddle, Sunday Times. (Sacked by the BBC, so a Good Bloke)

A part le faim, la pauvrete, la maladie, les massacres, et le desespoir general, la Republique de Ghana est le parangon d'une democracie du Tiers Monde.

lundi, mars 26, 2007

Discovery : Altern beginnt shon in der Wiege.

Shock-Entdeckung vom "Spiegel". Aber wie viele Babys shlafen noch in einer Wiege?

(On commence a vieillir dans son berseau. Man boerjar vaere gammel paa Vuggen.)

vendredi, mars 23, 2007

Slovio. - Nachrichten/News

Cxehju guver, kontrolitju ot USA-ju marionetnikis, podporijt tut plan, no potrebit soglosie Parlamentuf, gde podkupilju marionetnikis ne imajut perevazxie (perevazxnost?).

Die Tshechishe Regierung, kontrolliert von den USA Marionetten, understutzt diesen Plan, aber braucht die Einstimmung vom Parlament, wo die gekaufte Marionnetten nicht die Ueberwicht haben.

El governo Chec, dominado por marionettes de los USA, sostene eso Plan, pero necesita el accuerdo dels Cortes, donde los marionettes no tenen la superioridad.

@ Finzemju proti-slaviansk rasist Ahtisaari hotjit nezavisost dla Kosovo.

Der finnishe anti-Slawisha Rassist Ahtisaari will die Unabhaengigkeit von Kosovo.

samedi, mars 17, 2007

Medilingua & Rudy Giulani

A new site, Mondo in Medilingua. To illustrate Medilingua, a development of Novial, and thus related to the other Latin-based languages.

It mentions You-Tube and videos of presidential candidates, incl. Signor Rudolfo Giulani. Who's bad luck. He was in New York for the 9-11 and London for the double 7 (2005). If he's elected, what'll happen to Washington?

mercredi, mars 14, 2007

General. Un hom remplace un altro.

El novo hero su los billetes de banco de £20 es Adam Smith, el economo escoces.
El remplace Edward Elgar, el compositor ingles.

Una lectriza del "Guardian" (izkierda liberal) se insurga contra. Es un altro hom!

Sed un lector la corrige. Es sempre una muler en els billetes. Es Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. La parasita maxima.

vendredi, mars 02, 2007

Fotball. Manchester United - joueurs par pays

chez Reading Royals. 2-3 Coupe anglais T5. (pron. Redding). + a Liverpool 0-1

1 Edwin van der Sar - Nederland [van der Star] . Meme
4 Gabriel Heinze - Arhentina ...................................Gary Neville - England
5 Rio Ferdinand - England/black .............................Le meme
6 Wes Brown - England .............................................Patrice Evra - France
9 Louis Saha - France/black ....................................Christiano Ronaldo - Portugal
13 Ji-Sung Park - Coree du sud ...............................Wayne Rooney - England/Liverpool
20 Ole G. Solskjaer - Noreg/bokmaal [Sunny] .....Ryan Giggs - Wales/Cymru
22 John O'Shea - Irlande ..........................................Sub. - goal
23 Kieran Richardson - London S.E. .......................Nemanya Vidic - Serbie
24 Darren Fletcher - Scotland/Alba .......................Michael Carrick - England
27 Mikael Silvestre - France/ouest [Mickey] ........Paul Scholes (renvoi 85e)
.......................................................................................Henrik Larsson (dernier march)
sub Wayne Rooney - Liverpool

lundi, février 26, 2007

Nynorsk. Afghanistan.

1747 - Sjoelvstendig stat. I 360 aar etter er det framleis ein eigen stat, men det meste er styrt utanfraa.

1880 - Dr Watson vundet paa skulder paa slakten av Maiwand.
- Britene libererer Kabul og setter den paa brand.

1979 - Sovjetisk "liberasjon"

1989 - Russkis go home

1992 - Nordisk Samling libererer Kabul av Najibullah kommunist-regjeringen

1996 - Islamisk Emirat (Taliban - "studentene") (lignende Kristelig Folkpartiet)

7.10.01 Amerikansk leia angrep

2004 Ny regjering

2005 Landet valde eit Parlament

jeudi, février 22, 2007

Old English. Canada

Canada is land in tham Nordamerican. This land hafth 32 millionena manna.

Theodlic Cwide: A mari usque ad mare. (Laden : Of sae to sae.)
Theodlic ymen : "O Canada".
Ambihtkicu sprac : Niwe English and Frencish.
Heafodstol Ottowa. Heafodburg Toronto.

Leodweard : Gemotlice thinggeweald.
Cyninge : Elisabeth II.
Forma Thegn : Stephen Harper (Tory).

Awfastnes : Cristendom.

Braadnes : 9.985.000 km2. Waeter :9 %

Menniscu : 30 millionena buenda. Thiccnes : 3,5 buend/km2

Selfdom of Geaanlahtum Cynerice : 1 Maedmonath, 1867.

mardi, février 20, 2007

Premio Nobel por Labor pacific

Mi DYNAMITE, plus k mille tractatos, ducera 'l pace. Qando les homins ha comprendit k'armeas completes pote ser annihilits, on va continuar a viver in pace auree.

Alfred Nobel 1833-96 (63 ans).

Interlingua, dialect de London.

tractato : Vertrag, treaty. armea : Heer, army, ejercito. auree : golden, de oro

++ La pace a traves le terror mutual. W.S. Churchill, dels armas nuclears.

lundi, février 12, 2007

Prediction. For April

From 5th April, 40 000 unemployed who claim that they can't speak English will have their benefits cut, unless they sign up for English classes. Prediction:


English classes for immigrants are already freely available. The Gumn, as usual, is talking about making them available, as if they'd never heard of them.

The Gumn (Government) is continually threatening to cut people's benefits, even by only a small amount. For instance, for anti-social families. But they never dare and it's soon forgotten in Britn, where the average person has the memory of a 3 year old (except for showbiz, natch).

samedi, février 10, 2007

Mauretanie. Esclavage ou pas esclavage?

Les Wikipedies ne semblent pas sures de ce qui se passe dans cette ancienne colonie francaise, en Afric de l'ouest. Si l'esclavage persiste ou pas.

Selon la version espagnole, il "fue definitivamente abolido en 1980".

La version italienne ne le mentionne pas. Mais elle remarque "la tensione e ancora una delle principali caracteristiche della vita politica."

Portugues : Em 1982, foi a ultima pais a abolir a escrividao.

Neerlands: in 1981 werd officieel de slaverny afgeschaft.
L'Afrikaans n'en dit rien, mais elle fait mention de les "Haratin", "voormalige slawe".

Les versions scandinaves n'en dit mot.

Dans l'article "Sklaverei in Mauretanien" - Es gibt Beispiele von "humaner" Behandlung.

Il semble bien probable que l'esclavage existe encore, et que l'ONU etc. ne s'interessent pas le moins du monde.

mardi, janvier 23, 2007

Nuncyclopedia news

G W Bush commits self to do evil, new stratamaggy.

iPhone big hit among welthy & stupid.

Footbrawl : Beckham moves to Reykjavik Galaxy (Mafia-owned)

G W Bush statement : all our bases are berong to Ar Qaeda.

Quran : I'll cast terror in the hearts of all those who don't believe. (8:12 "Al-Anfal", according to BARS - British Army Rumor Service)

Norway : Norwegian children still being born evil. Still, this makes it easy to replace dead members of Deth Metl bands.

Suomi Finland: True Finn party campains to ban Stadin Slangi. Claims it is secret language of Swedish Finns.

Strindberg says :

Jag avskyr folk som har hundar. De er kujoner som inte har mod nog at bita sjaelva.

kujon (rar) - Feigling, lache, coward.

Iraq. This urgent surge will purge the insurgent scourge.

El comentar del revista Private Eye sobre l'envoi de 20 000 Gringos en Iraq.

vendredi, janvier 12, 2007

Animals. Curious incident of the baby and the fox

A curious incident in Croydon, SW London. A little boy of 2 is discovered at 6 in the morning in the street. Turns out he is the 4th child of an unmarried mother of 27, who describes her "sexuality" as open-minded.

What is curious is that he had with him his little dog and - a fox. When the little 'un was discovered by passers-by, our foxy friend ran off. But what was it doing - guarding the human cub, or perhaps hoping to adopt it and bring it up as a feral child?

mercredi, janvier 10, 2007

Greenland/Vikings. Did you know?

Did you know that when the Vikings arrived in Greenland, there were no Inuit there? They'd died out. However, a new immigration began after 1000.
Also, it was warmer then than now. So maybe callin g it Greenland wasn't so dishonest.

Later, the Vikes were wiped out by a mini ice age. Starting around 1400 according to Norse Wikipedia, but 1550(-1850) according to German Wikiped. Which doesn't seem to agree with the Norse and English articles, believing that there werte Inuit there of the Dorset culture. (Named after Cape Dorset on Baffin Island, now in Nunavut, Canada.) The Dorset Kultur is said to be inferior to the current Inuit Kultur.