jeudi, octobre 04, 2007

Tolstoi & Esperanto

A little known fact is that Leo Tolstoy was a keen supporter of Esperanto. Unfortunately he appears not to have written in it, except for one lettre.

Tolstoy was also very keen on pacifism and vegetarienism, and believed that anyone who didn't agree with him should be killed. For this reason, he has had a great influence on Norse Deth Metal and Jamaican artists such as Bounty Killer.

mercredi, octobre 03, 2007

Nasty German girls win Weltpokal

Deutsche Maedels 2 : 0 Brasil Senhoritas.

The German Walkyries retain the Cup. But what a nasty team. Crunching tackles. Pointless kicks every time the Brasilian girlies came near them. Fruktaensvaert.

3/4 place. US Babes 4:1 Noreg.

The Norse blondies destroyed their morale by listening to Death Metal before the match. So all they wanted to do was play chess with death.

As for the British they lost 3-0 in the QFs to the US super-babes. Not surprising, given their habit of falling over every time anyone came near them.