vendredi, mai 28, 2010

Norwegian word of the month

Kvitter = twitter

Norwegian word of the month

Yes, Norse fans, on the eve of Eurovision (will Norrya beat its 2009 record vote?)
this month's word is from :


In the context it's used (Jamaican resorts compared to Tivoli gardens) it evidently means lily-white, but in the dicos (Nk, Dk, Sk) kvitt clearly comes from French quit.


mardi, mai 04, 2010

General election 2010

The Guardian on Saturday had the excellent idea of using the Russian site Chatroulette to predict the winner of Thursday (6th May)'s election. A Guardianist put on masks of the 3 main leaders and then noted the reactions:

Nick Clegg (Liberal Bureaucrat) - 7 penises
Gordon Brown (Prime Minister) - 6 penises
David Cameron (Conservative) - 3 penises and a bottom.

Let' s see if Thursday's results bare this out.