vendredi, novembre 30, 2007

BBC English

According to a newsreader on BBC-tv 24

"He was prosecuted for allowing his hands to chase a fox." (i.e. hounds)

The oh-so-mighty BBC also pronances (sic) "flotation" and "flirtation" the same. As in "a new flirtation on the stock exchange".

Further, "showery" is always pronanced "Sharry", as if some new girl's name.

"Round" & "Rand" are pronanced the same.

& our beloved comrade-leader is referred to as Mr Brann, as if he were a (troll-controlled) Norse football team.

P.S. Bush is Satan.

The new Messiah

Over 2000 supportere marsjerte fra en pub til Anfield, Liverpool, for a markere sin stoette.

De bar ikonbilder av manageren, don Rafael Benitez, som ga opptoget et naermest religioest uttrykk.

Coming soon: the feeding of the 50,000.

jeudi, novembre 08, 2007

Novparl is Tim Robson

In case anyone tries to trace me on the Internet, I am the Tim Robson who has hung round Sutton borough since time immemorial and er used to be in LYMe and er work for BTS & Peter Dominic and has a beard & glasses and used to be obsessed with Monty Python and ride rather scruffy motorbikes and er....

mardi, novembre 06, 2007

Pay-Pal is Pay-Troll

Saturday's Guardian (London) criticises Pay-Pal for its reluctance to pay out. Pay-Pal is plugged by e-bay as supposedly safe. But it doesn't pay out for cancelled tickets.

This is important in Bergen, Norvey, where English acts,tho' booked, rarely appear. For instance, the Stones were due to play there on 6.6.6. But the trolls made them all fall out of trees. Those who'd paid by Pay-Pal got nothing back.

When Amy Winebar was due to appear, the trolls sent a case of beer to her hotel room. She decided to drink it down then go on stage. But the trolls had replaced the good Norse beer with Swedish beer. After she had drunk it all, she was too ill to appear. Again, those who had paid for tickets by Pay-Pal had paid the trolls.

Rafa is finito

Es con grande tristeza que anunciamos el departe de don Rafael Benitez, el "coach" de Liverpool.

He has just announced on BBC Radio 4 that he has the full confidence of the 'Pool board. In English terms, that means he will soon be replaced.

Odd fact: Mr Martin Svendsen, the Sage of Bergen, is banned from all English football grounds because of his attempts to influence the English league by troll magic, in the interests of Liverpool F.C. - These have worked so well that unless 'Pool beat Beshiktas tonite, they're out of the Champs League.

vendredi, novembre 02, 2007

Nelson Mandela est mort

Aux dires de M. Georges "Satan" Bush, M. Mandela est mort. Selon lui, Saddam "a tue tous les Mandela". Etrange , vu que M'sieu est Xhosa et non Iraqi.

Cette citation n'apparait sur Google News que dans un seul endroit. Mais la video est deja sur You-Tube plusieurs fois. & no wonder.