vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

"Green" Party fails again

Another 2 by-elections, another 2 failures for the Green-Grey Party.

"Little India" in West London : 3 %.

Sedgefield, North-east England, Mr Blair's old seat : 1%. The racist BNP got 9%. This despite the "help" of Derek Wall, male principal speaker and "pacifist" admirer of soldiers such as el coronel Chavez and el coronel Castro. Perhaps his confrontational language scared away potential voters?

Fact : in 2001 the Green-Greys saved only 10 deposits (minimum vote is 5%). 6 were in London and 4 in other mega-cities. The Green-Greys are terrified of the countryside.

by-election : election partielle.

vendredi, juillet 13, 2007

Esperanto - a vulgar joke

Looking thru an old, boring pamphlet, "Ekrigardo al Budismo", I came on the phrase "Mi penis sanigi..."
which seemed to say "my penis was cured". However, after some research, I decided penis must come from the verb peni (French "peiner"), meaning "I tried to cure"....

dimanche, juillet 01, 2007

Panic in Britain.

Britain is under attack from a few incompetent lunatics. Naturally, the famous British calm immediately disappears, and the TV is full of people reassuring us. The PM, the new Interior Minister, various "experts" on the TV News.

Luckily, the Spice Girls are to reform. Perhaps they can save us?

The police (known on Merseyside as "the busies") have made an arrest in Penny Lane, Liverpool. + 2 on Motorway 6.

How long before they're released without charge?