dimanche, juin 27, 2010

Pope speaks forth on child abuse

A communiqué from the Pope of Good Hope:

I voss onnly obeyink orders!

Also used to be known in Munich/Minka as the Pope of Good Dope.

These 2 phrases (Pope of good hope/dope) are very rare. They are 2 meaningful phrases which I am the first to use on Ggl, as they have a nil return.

German waitress : I voss onnly takink orders!

mardi, juin 01, 2010

UK wins Euroviz again

Providing you turn the list upside down. Yes, my folkies, for the 3d time in 8 years the land of the Beatles, Dire Straights, & Rrrrobbie Williams came last. An interesting article on a Swiss-German tv blog about the chaos surrounding the recent election suggested that the reason the British are so incompetent is because they are self-disciplined. (Repressed more like.)