jeudi, octobre 05, 2006

Sapientia. (Interlingua)

Del Tao Te Ching (Dao Dac Ging a Hong Kong)

In l'antiquita, les personas cum abilita in la Via abeva subtilita miraculosa et penetratio mystica,

si profond que es impossible comprender.

mercredi, octobre 04, 2006

Red Ken, the BBC & having a go

Another murder in Hackney, inner north London. A Congolese refugee, married father of 2 young children, confronts a dozen yobboes & is stabbed to death. This causes a great wave of emotion.

A curiosity. On the BBC1 news for London, at 1.30 pm, Tuesday, they show a video of "Red" Ken Livingstone, popular mayor of London, saying people shouldn't "have a go" , bu t call the cops. In other words, altho' Ken is always telling us how safer we are under his mayorship, it's dangerous to challenge out-of-control yobboes. This video was repeated at 10.30 pm.

There is NOT A SINGLE reference to this on the Internet! Not on the Beeb website. Nor in the paper editions of the Times & Daily Wail.Nor the Mirror. Yet the question of whether criminals now control our streets, and must not be challenged, is surely important.

mardi, octobre 03, 2006

Election en Autriche. Landesrat.

L'election pour le Landesrat (pron Londesrot) du dimanche. 183 mandats. Seuil 4pc. Derniere election 2002.

Socio-Democrates (centre-gauche) 36 (37)pc 68 (61) mandats
Parti Populaire (centre-droite) 35 (42) 66 (79)
Parti de la Liberte (droite) FPOe 11 (10) 21 (18)
"Verts" (gauche) 10 ( 9) 20 (17)
Alliance Avenir (neo-Nazi) BZOe 4 ( - ) 8 ( 8)
- Une scission du Parti de la Liberte, y inclus le Dr Joerg Haida (!)

Liste du Dr Martin 3 (-) 0
Un drole de mec. Il est contre le gaspillage de l'UE. Bon. Mais il espionne ceux qu'il soupconne, et fait des accusations personnelles pas toujours bien fondees. Dommage.

This week's fatuity. (Anglais/francais)

I thought I'd try and post a fatuity once a week. Here's one I heard on the Today prog. of Radio Guardian (a.k.a. R4).

Church of England bishop/vicar : "The Scriptures tell us God is neither male nor female."
Oh they do, do they???

What about the prayer to "Our Father"? What about "the Lord's my Shepherd"? And not "the Lady's my shepherdess".

Worst of all, what about the popular hymn -
Dear Lord and Father of mankind
Forgive our foolish ways.

Is that to be banned? Torn out of the hymn books?

@@@ Eveque/pretre de l'Eglise d'Angleterre (eglise officielle) a la BBC : Les Ecritures nous enseignent que Dieu n'est ni masculin, ni feminin. - Ah bon?

Et le Paternotre? Et le Psaume - Le seigneur est mon berger. Et pas "La Seigneure est ma bergere".