mardi, janvier 23, 2007

Nuncyclopedia news

G W Bush commits self to do evil, new stratamaggy.

iPhone big hit among welthy & stupid.

Footbrawl : Beckham moves to Reykjavik Galaxy (Mafia-owned)

G W Bush statement : all our bases are berong to Ar Qaeda.

Quran : I'll cast terror in the hearts of all those who don't believe. (8:12 "Al-Anfal", according to BARS - British Army Rumor Service)

Norway : Norwegian children still being born evil. Still, this makes it easy to replace dead members of Deth Metl bands.

Suomi Finland: True Finn party campains to ban Stadin Slangi. Claims it is secret language of Swedish Finns.

Strindberg says :

Jag avskyr folk som har hundar. De er kujoner som inte har mod nog at bita sjaelva.

kujon (rar) - Feigling, lache, coward.

Iraq. This urgent surge will purge the insurgent scourge.

El comentar del revista Private Eye sobre l'envoi de 20 000 Gringos en Iraq.

vendredi, janvier 12, 2007

Animals. Curious incident of the baby and the fox

A curious incident in Croydon, SW London. A little boy of 2 is discovered at 6 in the morning in the street. Turns out he is the 4th child of an unmarried mother of 27, who describes her "sexuality" as open-minded.

What is curious is that he had with him his little dog and - a fox. When the little 'un was discovered by passers-by, our foxy friend ran off. But what was it doing - guarding the human cub, or perhaps hoping to adopt it and bring it up as a feral child?

mercredi, janvier 10, 2007

Greenland/Vikings. Did you know?

Did you know that when the Vikings arrived in Greenland, there were no Inuit there? They'd died out. However, a new immigration began after 1000.
Also, it was warmer then than now. So maybe callin g it Greenland wasn't so dishonest.

Later, the Vikes were wiped out by a mini ice age. Starting around 1400 according to Norse Wikipedia, but 1550(-1850) according to German Wikiped. Which doesn't seem to agree with the Norse and English articles, believing that there werte Inuit there of the Dorset culture. (Named after Cape Dorset on Baffin Island, now in Nunavut, Canada.) The Dorset Kultur is said to be inferior to the current Inuit Kultur.