dimanche, octobre 25, 2009

Thought for the day. From the First Lady.

I sometimes feel like a visitor as if I didn't belong. - Missy Michelle at Princeton Univ., 1985.

(Where Einstein was Prof. of Theoretical Physics 1933-45).

I feel like that everywhere. So did Meursault, l'Étranger/Outsider.

mercredi, octobre 14, 2009

Posties in mass suicide shock.

Britain's postmen have decided to take a leaf out of the book of the lemmings and commit mass suicide. Faced with massive job losses, they have decided to have even more job losses with a 3-day strike. The result is that the Royal Mail's blue chip customers, such as Amazon, are looking for alternative private companies. Soon the Posties will be pouring over the cliffs on their red bikes.

"If only the Almighty had not fixed his canon 'gainst self-slaughter." Hamlet, Prince of the Duck-pond.

Pronunciation tip : in degenerate modern English, Royal Mail is pronounced Raw Maiw.
Mail from French "malle" a trunk (in which the letters were put).

Les facteurs brittanics se sont voués à un suicide de masse. Face à des pertes massives d'emploi, ils vont faire la greve de trois jours. Leurs clients vont disparaitre en masse.

vendredi, octobre 09, 2009

In this year. 1983.

Mr Elias Mutumbe, the ace Kenyan forger, was jailed for 3 years after issuing a series of bank-notes bearing his own likeness.

Sur ce jour. 1999

England 0:0 Bulgaria.

Manager Glenn "Reincarnation" Hoddle.

On this day 1988

The death of Jackie Milburn, record holder for Newcastle Utd. with 200 goals.

The record stood until 2006, when Alan Shearer passed it (with 201 goals, for any Swedish reader).

Mr Tony Blair, the Christian multi-millionaire, and mad-keen N.U. fan, used to claim to well remember seeing Jackie play. He retired when he was 4 (i.e. Jacks retired when little Tony was 4.)

NU, currently in Division 2, have just paid £2 million to Kev Keegan, one of their numerous ex-managers.

jeudi, octobre 08, 2009

On this day. 7 October 2000

England 0-1 Deutschland. World Cup qualifying.

Last game at the old Wembley. Manager Kevin Keegan resigns, admitting that he doesn't have what it takes.

Irony : when Kev played for SV Hamburg, he was extremely popular with fans and media and was known as King Kevin Keegan.

vendredi, octobre 02, 2009

Knol - a knote

J'aurais du dire que KNOL n'a aucun lien avec le GRASSY KNOLL qui a assassiné John F. Knennedy en '63. Kno way.

Ni avec le mot d'argot fransais GNOLE (mot du patois de Lyon).

Ni avec le dictateur cambodgien (1970-5), marionette US, Lon Knol.

Alt for Knorge!

jeudi, octobre 01, 2009

Labor thoughts for the day

Ed Balls, Minister of Edjamacation:

We're going to issue a Behaviour Challenge to ensure good behaviour in every school!

Harriet Harman, deputy P.M., wants to have a law passed making it illegal for local councils not to take into account closing the "poverty gap". Fortunately, there isn't time to do it afore Labor loses the next election.