samedi, juillet 10, 2010

Norse word of the month - June


Elding means litening (sic) in both Norsk & Icelandic. The root is "eld" (Nynorsk "ild"), meaning fire, a specifically Skandi word.

What made me think of this is learning by accident that FC Lyn have just gone bankrupt from the Norse 2d Division (Addeccoliga ou quelq'chose), the Norse sesong being still in progress. And LYN also means lytning/Blitz/éclair.

Leeds Utd will be defeating SK Brann later this very month.

Norse word of the month - July


a horse fly.

I believe the English equiv is Clegg, the name of our dear deputy PM, Mr Nick Clegg, of the Liberal Bureaucratic party. He is very keen on fairness (1). His family also owns a 10 room chateau in France (county of la Charente) and a 20 room chalet (?) in Schweiz/Suisse. Surely to be fair he shd give them away to asylum-seekers?

(1) definition: anything he's in faver of.

vendredi, juillet 02, 2010

Many British judges illegal

Many Brish judges are illegal under article 45 of Magna Carta, qui dit clairement:

(on doit seulement nommer) justiciarios [juges] talibus qui sciant legem regni, et eam bene velint observare. ceux qui connaissent la loi du royaume, et qui sont bien disposés à l'observer.

Judges...from those who know the kingdom's law, and are ready to keep it.

Novparl, Alex Bloke & Henky Singer.