mardi, septembre 29, 2009

I decamp to Knol

When Knol came out, it was rubbish. Returning recently, I found that altho' a lot of Knols are pitiful, there are some good things, e.g. a portal for Canada run by an academic (Belgian?) in Montréal and a very long article on Amsterdam, including a good sociology of immigration.

So I decided to try and put some serious stuff on, starting with short articles and then expanding. This stuff can be found by going to Knol and searching for Novparl.

Therefore, I shall be making my major effort on Knol. But I shall be trying to put in at least one token article a month, so this blog is not an ex-parrot.

Also I note that Svenny(.no) has largely decamped to (t)Witter and Falco (.dk) to his forum. (Which I must visit more often.)

A merry Yuletide to both my readers.

8 vendémiaire. L'an 217 de l'ere française.

Odd fact: hodie le Bbc a fact reference al actual chef del Nato con correct pronunciatio:
Anners Fo Rasmussen (qui dice quod Nato debet restar in Afgannystan.)

lundi, septembre 07, 2009

Oh no not another terror plot

A jury in SE London has just found 3 harmless lunatics guilty of a fantastical plot to stage another 9/11. The idea was to somehow or other insert explosives in Coke cans and blow holes in airplane fuselages.

Never mind that the 9/11 plot was a) hijackings (not blowing up planes) and b) crashing 3 planes into large buildings. Never mind that aircraft (which cost a lot) are able to sustain small holes in the fuselage without exploding. Never mind that the plot-obsessed New Scotland Yard has not proven that this amateur-sounding ideas actually works. One of their pieces of "evidence" was that someone was seen looking at some airline timetables. Yea, to help them fantasize about carrying out their hopeless "plot".

The 3 Moslems found guilty after a 2d trial were clearly fantasists. So far there has been no serious attempt to "bring the West to its knees" or any such overheated nonsense.

vendredi, septembre 04, 2009

Day's Thocht. Vendredi/ Freitag


No pote escuchar mult Wagner.

Me face voler invadere la Polonia.

Woody Allen.

Von Wagner muss ich nicht zu viel hoeren. Es gibt mir Lust zur Einmarsch in Polen.

Day's Thocht. Samedi/Sonnabend


"La mia reputazione é allo risco" - la puttana de Berlusconi.