samedi, juillet 10, 2010

Norse word of the month - June


Elding means litening (sic) in both Norsk & Icelandic. The root is "eld" (Nynorsk "ild"), meaning fire, a specifically Skandi word.

What made me think of this is learning by accident that FC Lyn have just gone bankrupt from the Norse 2d Division (Addeccoliga ou quelq'chose), the Norse sesong being still in progress. And LYN also means lytning/Blitz/éclair.

Leeds Utd will be defeating SK Brann later this very month.

Norse word of the month - July


a horse fly.

I believe the English equiv is Clegg, the name of our dear deputy PM, Mr Nick Clegg, of the Liberal Bureaucratic party. He is very keen on fairness (1). His family also owns a 10 room chateau in France (county of la Charente) and a 20 room chalet (?) in Schweiz/Suisse. Surely to be fair he shd give them away to asylum-seekers?

(1) definition: anything he's in faver of.

vendredi, juillet 02, 2010

Many British judges illegal

Many Brish judges are illegal under article 45 of Magna Carta, qui dit clairement:

(on doit seulement nommer) justiciarios [juges] talibus qui sciant legem regni, et eam bene velint observare. ceux qui connaissent la loi du royaume, et qui sont bien disposés à l'observer.

Judges...from those who know the kingdom's law, and are ready to keep it.

Novparl, Alex Bloke & Henky Singer.

dimanche, juin 27, 2010

Pope speaks forth on child abuse

A communiqué from the Pope of Good Hope:

I voss onnly obeyink orders!

Also used to be known in Munich/Minka as the Pope of Good Dope.

These 2 phrases (Pope of good hope/dope) are very rare. They are 2 meaningful phrases which I am the first to use on Ggl, as they have a nil return.

German waitress : I voss onnly takink orders!

mardi, juin 01, 2010

UK wins Euroviz again

Providing you turn the list upside down. Yes, my folkies, for the 3d time in 8 years the land of the Beatles, Dire Straights, & Rrrrobbie Williams came last. An interesting article on a Swiss-German tv blog about the chaos surrounding the recent election suggested that the reason the British are so incompetent is because they are self-disciplined. (Repressed more like.)

vendredi, mai 28, 2010

Norwegian word of the month

Kvitter = twitter

Norwegian word of the month

Yes, Norse fans, on the eve of Eurovision (will Norrya beat its 2009 record vote?)
this month's word is from :


In the context it's used (Jamaican resorts compared to Tivoli gardens) it evidently means lily-white, but in the dicos (Nk, Dk, Sk) kvitt clearly comes from French quit.


mardi, mai 04, 2010

General election 2010

The Guardian on Saturday had the excellent idea of using the Russian site Chatroulette to predict the winner of Thursday (6th May)'s election. A Guardianist put on masks of the 3 main leaders and then noted the reactions:

Nick Clegg (Liberal Bureaucrat) - 7 penises
Gordon Brown (Prime Minister) - 6 penises
David Cameron (Conservative) - 3 penises and a bottom.

Let' s see if Thursday's results bare this out.

samedi, avril 10, 2010

Le Tupolev n'est pas dangereux

Certains sites semblent suggérer que le Tupolev-154 n'est plus fiable. (Lancement en 1972). Au contraire, c'est d'un "design" robuste et utilisé dans les conditions séveres de l'Arctique soviétique.

Alors, selon Wikipédia le plupart des "incidents" sont dus à l'erreur du pilote ou un declin dans les niveaux de maintenance post-Sovietique. Curieusement, on a perdu 4 appareils manu militari: un a été abbatu par les israéliens, autre par les ucrainiens, et deux par des bombes tchetchenes.

Autre mystere: certains sites (p.ex. RTL) maintiennent qu'il y avait 132 personnes à bord, tandis que des autres (e.g. Wikipédia en anglais et en russe) parlent de 89.

jeudi, avril 01, 2010

Is this the Internet's funniest picture?

It's a picture of Adolf H. playing the banjo. It moves, on a short loop. But the background makes it even funnier.

Can be found on "Mail vs. Facebook" of 02.03.10 by bluebellnutter.

(Bluebell-nutter refers to the steam (amateur) Bluebell Railway of South-east England.)

For poetry translations into Interlingua, visit the new site of RGR. Mainly from modern German, but an excellent one from English mystic, Wm Blake. Little known abroad.

L'image le plus amusant sur la Toile.
Das amusanteste Bild am Internetz. Mit A.H.

Did you know? The Norse group Aha actually stands for Adolf Hitler Admirers.

vendredi, mars 26, 2010

Isn't everything wonderful?

A recent Top Ten book is "Is it just me or is everything sh--?"

Someone has written a reply : Is it just me or is everything great?

Certainly, everything in Britland after 13 years of Labour is wunnerful.

Soon we'll have a minority government of Conservatives which will be broughjt down by the opposition, including the Liberal Bureaucrats, if it dares to cut govt. spending rather than borrow yet more billions.

Even luckier are the Greeks, who may go bankrupt and be ejected from the Eurozone.

Yep, everything's fantastico.

samedi, janvier 30, 2010

Token monthly posting

A) John Terry, capn of England, in trouble for adultery. What bothers me more is what I've complained about before, his greed. Example: he charged £10 000 for a guided tour of Chelsea stadium, then tried to forbid people from saying they'd paid him.

B) The Ulster (N. Ireland) coalition is threatening to break down. Between the IRA terrorists and the Protestant bigots. What's the betting it's a ploy to get yet more money out of us stupid English? If we promise them a few more billion, they'll suddenly discover that they can bear each other after all.

More moans next month.