jeudi, septembre 27, 2007

A prediction for Burma/Myanmar

I can tell you that the hype will soon quiet down and be forgotten. Nothing will be done. Just like about Somalia, Zimbabwe, eastern Congo.....Indian untouchables. Who barely register on the radar...

I know this because I am a master of fantasmogarias. Which I learnt among the Death Metal Trolls of Finnmark.

vendredi, septembre 14, 2007

Deutsche Frauen 11 Senyores argentinas 0

Ce resultat du Mondial feminin est peut-etre a mettre en relation avec la phrase du plus grand litterateur argentinien Jose Luis Borges:

El futbol es popular porque la estupidez es popular.

Evidemment les femmes argentiniennes ne sont pas stupides.

Mais au Royaume Uni on peut dire que l'estupidez es popular porque l'estupidez es popular.

Demi-finales: Deutschland 3-0 Norwegen Death Metal Babes . Brasileiras 4-0 USA Babes.

lundi, septembre 10, 2007

Naomi Klein, mrs Thatcher & the miners

Naomi Klein, the Canadian anti-capitalist ("No Logo" etc.) has revealed in the Guardian the real purpose of the Falklands War of 1982. It was to provoke British miners into a strike and then close down the mines. After winning the 1983 election thanks to a "Falklands Factor".

Only a few problems:

The Tory vote fell in 1983. The Tories only won thanks to the split in the opposition. (The belief the Tory vote rose substantially is a frequent myth.)

Winning a war doesn't guarantee victory. In 1945, Churchill was given the "order of the boot".

The miners strike was mishandled by the extreme leftist leader Arthur Scargill. He was clearly beaten after 6 months, but only went back after 12. & his extremism alienated many floating voters.