mardi, novembre 28, 2006

Norway/Religion. "Christian" People's Party exposed.

Ikkepedia has exposed the so-called Kristeligt Folkeparti. They are in fact a cunningly-constructed front for Satanists. Here is some additional info-

When Kjell Maggie Bondawig pretended to be ill with depression, in fact he visited the Vatican to worship Satan with the Pope (Benedict CXVI - an alQaeda employee) and pick up his Mafia bribes.

Other goals :

Norse Pension Fund to be spent on drugs for promiscuous gays. (Esp. if Swedish.)
Samis to be called Lapps again. (Evil, or what!)
Only Deth Metal records allowed to top hit parade. (Unless Swedish.)
Lower skool-leving age to 5.
Promote mispelling of Ingglish.
Hitler to receive posthumous Nobel prize for rants at Nuernburg.

Education: German Okkupasjon to be taught as happy time, with kindly SS protecting Norway from madman Churchill, invading and imposing cricket, bad food, driving on left etc.
History to be taught as conspiracy theories.
French: most extreme Franglais of Montreal to be taught as approved standard.
Ingglish: most extreme Jamaican English (7th level). Words of Aha, Abba & Whigfield to be taught as written standard. Shakespeare still allowed, but only in Volapuek.
German: replaced by Austrian. Standard: Braunau-am-Inn.

British standards to be introduced under "Worst of British" cam-pain. I.e. British food, films, crime rate, 2nd rate Britpop bands. Especially helth system - British advisers to be brawt in to ruin Viking helth system.

London Underground to be extended to Oslo at ruinous expence.

Icelandic Landsbanki to run banking sector - with Russian "advisors".

(Mor to follo)

vendredi, novembre 24, 2006

De "7e sigilla" de Bergman ('57)

Cavalero : Qui es tu?
Morte: ......Io es le Morte.
C :............. Veni tu pro prender me?
M:............. Io ha longe andat cum tu.
C:.............. Io sape.
M: .............Tu es preparat?
C:...............Mi corpor' ha pavor, no me ipse.

(Naja, det er ju ingenting at skemmas oever.)

R; ..............Venta ett oegonblick
D:...............Sa seger ni alla. Men jeg lemnar inga uppskov.

This film reminds me of Thomas Mann's reference to the Skipper Worse books as "tief, rein und humoristisch." (profond, pur e comic)

mardi, novembre 21, 2006

Football/Iceland. West Ham Utd & the "Mafia"

A certain gentleman from Iceland, a Mr Bjoergolfur Gudmundsson of the Landsbanki, has just bought West Ham United, main team in East London, for nearly £100 million (140 m. Euro). Not exactly a bargain.

Combined with the Icelandic "Viking raids" on Britain's High Street, a few people are wondering where the money's coming from. Last year the Independent (Old Labour bourgeoisie) and the Guardian (Labour inner party) asked how little Iceland, pop. 300 000, about the same as Cardiff, can afford to spend so much on buying British. This was picked up by Stoed-2 TV on Iceland (seems Iceland has more than one telly!), who repeated these concerns but doesn't seem to have added anything (according to Iceland Review).

There's some good articles in English on the Danish Ekstra Bladet site. Written in choicest English.

So the question remains - where's the money coming from? If not from Russia (with love), where? - Already champions Chelsea, and Edinburgh's Hearts club, are Russian owned. Chelsea bought themselves the English championship by spending silly amounts of money.

It's your verdict. A vous de juger.

Odd fact: there's a certain amount of amusement that Mr Gudmundsson's associate is a Mr Magnusson, same name as Edinburgh-Icelandic TV presenter and saga expert, Magnus Magnusson.

West Ham Utd are nothing to do with West Hamlet Utd., top team in Elsin@r.

mardi, novembre 14, 2006

Diplomatie.Iran/Syria. Willst du nicht mein Bruder sein...

dann shlag ich dir den Shaedel ein.

If you won't be my friend, I'll smash ya face in.

Si tu veux pas etre mon pote, j't'ecrase le cadran.

jeudi, novembre 02, 2006

Les "Brights". Les esperantistes de l'anti-religion

Le Prof. Richard Dawkins, d'Oxford, et des copains ont fonde un nouveau mouvement d'atheisme avec le nom des "Brights" [les brillants], ki veut faire reference aux Lumieres [the Enlightenment]. Ses adversaires, les croyants et les superstieux etc., sont les "Dims" [ obtus, litt. sombres, sans eclat].

Wikipedia a deja 12 articles, de Catala au Svensk.
Mais ce qu'on n'explic pas, c'est la difference du mouvement Humaniste, mouvement anti-religieux a tue-tete, qui au Royaume-Uni n'a que quelques 2-3000 adherents, dont Mr Dawkins.

Evidemment les Brights ou les Humanistes n'ont jamais lu l'article 18 de la Dec. Univ. des Droits Humains.

Le mot Bright a ete choisi a l'instar de "gay". Mais gay n'a pas un mot oppose pejoratif, puisque le mot anglais "straight" [rime avec Kate] veut dire "pas perverti", c-a-d ennuyeux, sans imagination, le "bourgeois" de J.P. Sartre, mais pas stupide.

Le prof. John Gray de Londres argue tres interessament contre les Lumieres, qu'il accuse d'etre Utopiste, et donc d'avoir produit les mouvements totalitaires, qui veulent imposer l'Utopie a feu et a sang, ce justifiant par appel a leurs systemes "scientifiques".