mardi, décembre 12, 2006

(Double 12). Establishment: No Diana conspiracy

On Thursday a report is to be published on the death 9 years ago of Diana, Princess of Boredom.
The BBC etc. are already going into overdrive to ridicule the idea that there was anything strange about her death. Strangely, they never deal with the most FAQ, i.e. why has there not been an inquest after 9 years? Inquests are typically held about 10 WEEKS after a death abroad.

Magna Carta, article 40 : "To no man will we delay justice."
(Nulli ...differemus rectum aut justitiam - we will not take his rectum from any man.)

samedi, décembre 09, 2006

"Uncyclopedia" reveals : Minitrue is doubleplus gay

Si, el Ministerio de la "Verdad" (es decir la propaganda) es mucho "gay". A ver el "Uncyclopedia", rubric "Newspeak" (Novlengua).

mardi, décembre 05, 2006

Putin "no angel" shock discovery

Patience Wheatcroft, lady editoress of the Sunday Telegraph (Cons.), has written an article in last Sunday's comment page revealing that Putin's Russia is not always nice.

This is a shock, as Mr Putin was formerly a colonel in the KGB (Komminists for Gentleness & Beauty), the East European branch of Mother Teresa's help-the-dying charity. So, naturally, human rights in Rossiya would be a big thing for him. Yet, amazingly, bad things happen to people who annoy him.

Inexplicable, my dear Watson.

Islenzk/dansk. Comparison

(Matt 16:26)

Thvi adh hvadh mun thadh stoda mannin
thott hann eignist allan heiminn
en fyrirgjoeri salu sinni?

Thi hvad gavner det et menneske
om han vinder den hele verden
men ma bode med sin sjael/sit liv?

stodha - dk gavner - svensk (1917) hjaelper
eignist (refl.) - vinder
heim-inn - verd-en - sv vaerld-en
fyrirgjoer - bode med - sv. foerlorar