lundi, mars 31, 2008

Russenorsk calendar

April 1 (Ostermond) - Oni stettum Lucifer ut pa hemel. (Luzifer utm Himl gestoten.)

April 2, 1792 - $ obligatorisk

-1974 Pres. mjertvi.

- 2005 Johan Paulus, 264e Papst, doed.

April 3, 1882. En man ubitom Jesse James, fir $5000. (=$500 000 sevodnia?)

April 4, 1581. Francis Drake jest "sir" paa Golden Hinde paa Deptford, London.

April 5. Ching Ming. Paska paa Kina. Folk besukom grob.

- 1955. Sir W. Churchill finito paa Pervi-Minister

April 6, 2005. Doed paa Rainier 3 de Monaco. (Grace Kelly doed paa 1982)

April 7, 1947. Henry Ford doed. On var fondator paa Fordism.

April 8, 1973. Picasso muerto.

April 9, 1940. Hitlaa befriom Dk & Noreg av galne muzh Churchill.

April 10,1240. Llewellyn Fawr (Hlewehlen Vaur), Prinz paa Wales, doed.

jeudi, mars 27, 2008

Les villes les plus cheres

1 - Londres£££££££££££££££££££££.English
2 - Oslo................................. Scan.
3 - Dublin/Baile atha Cliath.......... English
4 - Copenhagen/Koenhaun>>>>>>>>>Scan
5 - New York/Nuevo York.............English/Espanyol
6 - Zurich::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::German
7 - Geneve/Genf......................... French .
8 - ToKyo//////////////////////only non Indo-Euro
9 - Paris---------------------------------- French
--- Helsingfors#####################Finnish
11 Luxembourg/Letzeburg+++++++++++French/German
12 Stockholm.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Scan
13 Vienna/Wien~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~German
22 Berlin@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@German

Iceland under the cosh

Chickens are coming home to roost for the bold Northmen. It never seemed likely that the boom could be sustained by overvaluing the Stock Exchange of a nation of 300 000.

Now the lending rate is 15%, which would cause hysteria in Britain, although with inflation at 7% this is not so bad as it seems.

According to the FT, the "value" of the banks alone is 10 times GDP. Savvy shareholders will be selling quick. Which will accelerate the panic.

Soon Iceland's main income will be from Bjoerk's record sales; particularly the track with the Greenland Ladies Choir.

FT: En nasjon som drivs some en hedge fund.

jeudi, mars 13, 2008

Norway saves Liverpool - L 3 IM 0.

Liverpool battle on. Thanks to the trolls.

The trolls were very concerned about Liverpool's problems. They went into solemn session in their mainland capital of Bjoerkvinmonopolet (which they mangles as Bergen.)

They came up with a solution. Have the referee be a Norwegian psychologist. They rang their contacts at UEFA and blackmailed them. Easy.

He then refereed the match and sent off an innocent man. Plus, as a psychologist, he played mind games with the innocent I-ties. Liverpool win 2-0 on the night and Rafa lives a little longer.

Probably he's a follower of Transactional Analysis and well familiar with Eric Berne's "Games People Play". (Spiele der Erwachsenen/ Les jeux et les hommes)

In another crime, the trolls had the Chief Constable of Manchester murdered. They lured him to Mt Snowdon/Yr Eryri and faked a "suicide". Then they fed the media with stories that he was a Casanova and this is the reason for the "suicide". (Why? Exhaustion?) That's what you get if you interfere with the troll controlled rackets.

-- What music do they like? Trock & troll.

dimanche, mars 02, 2008

Bono consilio. Ein gutes Rat.

Bonum est homini, mulierem non tangere. I Cor 7:1

Mulier : Frau, fru, meuf, femina, nainen etc.

Russenoshk : Horosh paa muzh, njet bereren madam.