mardi, mai 22, 2007

Australia, drought & stupidity

Nice to know Britain's not unique in stupidity about elementary economics.

In the land of Oz, a report has just been issued presenting the current drought as - a business opportunity! Those few areas where there is a good water supply will become sought-after areas for houses! Money money money!

Areas such as Hobart, in Tasmania, and surprisingly Perth on the west coast.

Just one thing - to buy the new house, you usually sell the old house. Since that will be in a dry area, you'll have to sell it cheap, or not at all.

Seems the Ozzie press, like the British, is so dazzled by the idea of PROFIT that they lose all wisdom.

Source: Google News, Oz, various papers.

samedi, mai 12, 2007

Eco footprint/ empreinte eco Top 20. 2003

1 UAE (Emirats)
2. USA
3. Suomi/Finland
4. Canada
5. Koweit
6. Australia
7. Eesti/Estonie
8. Sweden
9. New Zealand
10. Norway / Noreg
11. Danmark
12. France
15. Espanya
16. Suisse/Schweiz/Svizzera/Svizra
17. Ellas / Grece
18. Eire / Irish Rep.
19. Oesterreich / Autriche
20. Czechia

mardi, mai 08, 2007

Crime. Murders in Britain April 29- May 5

Sunday 29

Hayling Island, south. Male, 17. Stabbed.
Bootle, Liverpool. Man, 43. Beaten.
Exeter, west. Boy, 4. Stabbed.

Monday 30. Man (eccentric) 66. Beaten. Wigan, nr Manchester

Tuesday 1 May
Gorton, Manchester 18. Black girl, 12, shot by brother, 16.
Town centre, Nottingham. Man, 40, stabbed. 16 y.u. arrested

Wen. 2d Newcastle. Male, 16, holder of ASBO, stabbed by two youths.

Thurs 3d
Llanelli, Wales. Female, 16. 2 arrests
Lewisham, SE 6. Man, 24, shot.

Friday 4th
East Yorkshire. Female, 26. 2 accused.
Sheffield, S. Yorkshire. Man, 36.
Stafford, Midlands. Man, 24.

Saturday 5/5
Croydon, S. London. 2 children, 5 months & 4 years. African woman, 23, detained under Mental Health Act. Police have yet to explain what happened. Family from Ivory Coast, W. Africa.

Derry/Doire, Ulster. Man, 42, killed by gang.
Islington, N.1. Asian taxi-driver, 41, killed by 2 passengers.

Total currently 16. This is average for a week. There are 800 murders a year.

Male 12. Female 4.
England 14. Wales 1. Ulster 1. Scotland 0.
White 12. Black 3. Asian 1.

Noticeably there were no killings associated with young black gangs, which have alarmed newspaper readers earlier in the year.

mercredi, mai 02, 2007

Crime. Murders in Britain April 22-28

This is an attempt to examine the types of murder there are. How many involve guns; how many are of "gays" - "gays" claim that they are frequently murdered by "homophobes" but produce no statistics. This first week is incomplete. I hope subsequent weeks will be more complete.

White males unless stated

Sunday 22nd

Toxteth, Liverpool 8. Man, 50.
Perth, Scotland. Man, 51.

Monday 23rd. Penrith, NW England. Small town. Man, 22

Tuesday 24th. Lewes jail, South England. Man, 20, there for only 5 days. Cell-mate, 25, accused.

Wed. 25th
East London. Asian woman, 32. African, 37, accused.
Ilford, East London. Baby, 6 months. Father accused.
Stockton, N.W. England. Man, 35. Man, 37, accused.

Thursday 26th
Rhondda valley, Wales/Cymru. Man, 23
Glasgow. Teenager, 16.
Crewe, NW England. Mother, 56. Son accused

Friday 27.
Bury St. Edmunds. East. Small town. Man, 20. Several arrests.
Brixton, London S.W.2. African, 20. Shot. Police seeking 4 youths.
Belvoir, Belfast. Man, 58. Stabbed.

Saturday 28
Woolwich, S.E. 18. Man stabbed.
Irvine, Scotland. Small town. Man, 46.
Beeston, Leeds. Man, 38.